Water Resources


Whether for irrigation, power generation, drinking, manufacturing, or recreation, water is one of our most critical resources. Visual Image interpretation along with appropriate collateral data enable the inventory of water resources and can be used in a variety of ways to help monitor the quality, quantity, geographic distribution as well as the values of this natural resources.. In India, satellite remote sensing technology is being used effectively in the areas of irrigation performance evaluation, snowmelt-runoff forecasts, reservoir sedimentation, watershed treatment, drought monitoring, flood mapping and management.

Micronet Solutions is associated with I.S.R.O ( Indian Space Research Organization ) in executing the project National Watershed Information System Project ( WARIS ) . Space borne multispectral data have been used to generate baseline information on various natural resources, namely soils, forest cover, surface water, ground water and land use/land cover and subsequent integration of such information with slope and socioeconomic data in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to generate locale-specific prescription for sustainable development of land and water resources development on a watershed basis. Micronet Solutions has been empanelled by M.R.S.A.C for executing LULC ( Land Use Land Cover Mapping ) , Land Degradation, Wetland, Wasteland , Hydrogeomorphology & DEM generation.

Implementation of appropriate rain water harvesting structures in selected watersheds under this programme has demonstrated the significant benefits by way of increased ground water recharge and agricultural development of once barren areas.

Some of the studies that can be achieved:

  • Reservoir capacity Estimation studies.
  • Water Flows
  • Extraction of streams and drainages
  • Flood Mapping