Vector Factory

Highest Performance in GIS Data Capture

Vector Factory is an industrial production mapping tool to manually capture, edit and update 2D or 3D GIS vector information within a high productivity environment.

The product is a fully integrated ArcGIS for Desktop software extension.

Vector Factory is the answer to the worldwide trend of capturing 2D or 3D vector data directly into GIS environments (instead of CAD) within professional data models.

Vector Factory software is an idea conceived and fully developed by our company, and it’s the result of more than 20 years of experience in all kind of mapping projects, from very large urban scale maps to small scale regional coverages. Accumulated knowledge and evidence based practice along the years helped us to develop a specialized mapping production environment that enable the system operators to perform their job with the maximum efficiency.

Main Features

  1. Manage geographic data models from a centralized console
  2. Enforce data model specifications assuring data quality and integrity
  3. Standardize data production and avoid gross errors (geometrical and semantic)
  4. Easy to use and customizable User Interface
  5. Complete Administrator Environment to manage the project and define the User Interface
  6. Later project configuration deployment to workstations is very simple

Mapping Menu

The Vector Factory user interface provides access to a wide range of tools that have been specially designed for standardised and high performance digital mapping production.

  1. Its customizable multi-project user interface may fit thousands of personalized buttons (size, location, icon, color, label – multi-language –, etc.).
  2. The mapping menu is a key factor for the Vector Factory great productivity. Its objective is that the user doesn’t need to interact with the ArcMap interface selecting commands or navigating through multi-drop-down selection menus.
  3. Drawing mode and parameters, layer selection, snapping options, attributes, etc., everything is pre-coded and assigned to the menu buttons.
  4. User interface is divided into three areas, one for visualization commands, another one for the global system tools, and the central one for the data model, a hierarchic representation of the objects catalog and attributes.

What do we offer?

Vector Factory provides the customers with a mapping environment to efficiently produce high quality vector maps within a Geographic Information System, in strict compliance to the project data-model and specifications, regardless of their complexity

System Requirements


  1. ESRI ArcGIS Desktop: Any license level (ArcGIS Desktop Basic or Standard). Standard license level will enable multi-user editing, versioning, advanced data management, etc.
  2. Optionally, for stereoscopic 3D data capture, Vector Factory will requires a 3rd party photogrammetric software with support for ArcGIS for Desktop:
    – DAT/EM Capture for ArcGIS
    – StereoAnalyst for ArcGIS


  1. Any modern Windows Personal Computer.
  2. Optionally, for stereoscopic 3D data capture, Vector Factory will require the following hardware components:
    – 120Hz stereoscopic display, compatible with 3D Vision.
    – 3DVision NVidia system kit.
    – High resolution 3D Input Device (ABC StealthMouse, GGS SoftMouse, handwheels/footdisk, etc.)
    – Touch screen to take advantage of Vector Factory user interface