Satellite Image Processing

Satellite Image Processing

Many GIS updation projects depend on high resolution satellite images, aerial photographs etc.Micronet Solution undertakes image processing of satellite imageries for feature extraction, Image Geo-Rectification, Image Interpretation (Digital Image Interpretation & Visual Interpretation Techniques) , Image enhancements & Image Mosaics etc..

Image Processing services provided by Micronet Solutions imaging technicians are

  1. Atmospheric Corrections of satellite Imageries of various satellite sensors of Plieades, SPOT , Worldview- I, II, III , Kompsat – 1, 3A .. etc..
  2. Geo-Referencing of satellite images using GCP’s from ground survey .
  3. Geo-Referencing of satellite images using REMOTE – GCP’s ( GEO –GCP ) derived from TerrasSAR& TANDEM radar satellite images for any part of the WORLD.
  4. PAN Sharpening of the satellite images to create a colour 3 band / 4 band image .
  5. Image Enhancement for visual rendering using various image processing tools.
  6. Ortho-Rectification using Digital Elevation Model ( DEM ).
  7. Edge matching and mosaicking of the satellite images.

Micronet’s digitization and data conversion projects are subject to very high levels of ‘Quality Controls’. The first level of QC starts from Inventory of Maps . The second QC is immediately after digitization or geo-processing tasks to ensure all the project specifications are adhered too. Third level of QC is performed at the GIS processing where datasets are validated as per the clients requirements. Fourth level of QC  is performed on random sampling method on overall datasets including naming conventions & folder storage structures  to ensure no errors are left during the entire life cycle of geo-processing of datasets. The last level of QC entails final printing of maps to check the accuracy of the converted / generated geo-spatial datasets as per the specifications of the client.

Associated Projects: Land Records Information System : Forestry: Urban Mapping : Mining : Water Resources : GPS Navigation .