For companies committed to no deforestation.

Starling is an independent verification service for “no deforestation” policies, offered to companies engaged in setting up responsible supply chains.

A reliable, unbiased solution

Many companies in the production, transformation or consumption of agricultural or raw wood  materials are making  efforts to reduce their footprint in terms of deforestation. The industry is getting organised and “no deforestation” policies and charters are now being implemented.

Today, the challenge for these companies is to independently verify the results and impact of their engagement. Conventional certification is not enough: the standards do not fully match the challenges of the sector and the usual methods of expertise, based on field inspection, provide neither the exhaustiveness nor the responsiveness required.

Using spatial imagery and singular expertise, Starling offers an innovative solution that is efficient and economical to companies wishing to verify the impact of their actions in the field.

The combination of high resolution optical and radar satellites provides objective, frequent and precise observation essential for making informed decisions. Images are captured regularly, for the purposes of monitoring changes in various situations such as supply basins and expansion areas and allowing the various sector actors to ensure proper application of conservation and sustainable development policies.