FARMSTAR, an advisory panel for controlling crops and optimising yields.

Expertise developed with Arvalis and TerresInovia.

FARMSTAR is a decision support tool dedicated to agriculture. For more than 15 years, it has been helping farmers who are keen to optimise yield and quality by nurturing their crops wisely and respecting the environment. By combining satellite images from our constellation with strong agronomical expertise, FARMSTAR supplies a complete range of advice for crops such as: winter wheat, barley, rape seed and triticale – at intra-plot scale -and thus enables modulation of agricultural inputs.



FARMSTAR calculates the correct input dose for you. Every recommendation provides reliable information, directly useable, for speedy relevant decision making. The advice covers three topics: plant protection, state of crops and input management, for precise crop control.



Compatible with a large number of console models, FARMSTAR enables automatic input optimisation. With GPS, the console controls the spreader directly, for correct distribution and simplified work.


The simplified advisory map enables proper distribution of inputs even when the tractor has no console. It tells the farmer how to manually modulate their spreading within the plot.

Our Strengths

  1. Input savings, of the related cost (nitrogen, growth regulators)
  2. Harvesting quality: nitrogen inputs at the right time and correct doses contribute to better control of cereal protein levels
  3. Maximised yields: advice, closer to crop realities, encourages productivity gains seen by customers
  4. Sparing the environment: adapting nitrogen doses and plant health products reduces the risks of pollution and facilitates compliance with Nitrates Directive and European standards