Satellite Based Mine Monitoring Stack Insight

Satellite Based Mine Monitoring Stack Insight

In a world facing demanding global challenges, there is growing pressure for companies and organizations to effectively monitor their activities and to understand the environment in which they operate.

Based on the imagery delivered by its unique Earth Observation Satellite Constellation and expertise in image analysis, processing and interpretation, Airbus Defence and Space has developed services to monitor and analyse your assets and areas of interest – so that you are alerted about changes, displacements or events to your immediate environment that may have an impact on your activity.

Combining radar and optical satellites imagery capabilities and operating a unique constellation of satellites improves monitoring frequency and completeness:

  • Intraday revisit
  • All weather monitoring
  • Early detection
  • From the smallest details to the big picture

Whatever you want to track and follow, Airbus Defence and Space manages the appropriate space technology for successful change detection.

Airbus Defence and Space Monitoring Services benefits

  • Completely tailored service: area of interest, frequency, type of change and alerts – only subscribe for the information you need
  • Receive and instantly access all relevant information to run your activity and make informed decisions
  • Be alerted of changes and events when they happen, allowing you to take any necessary action, saving time and money
  • Remotely access information reducing the need for on-site surveillance
  • Access current information and historic data leading up to the alert