Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Your gateway to geo-information and insight for Oil, Gas and Mining operations.

In today’s world, Oil & Gas is one of the industries facing the most challenges and above all meeting the global energy challenge. Depletion of natural resources, a growing demand and global economic pressure points have driven companies to search for new exploration sites, new development projects in remote and often inaccessible or unfamiliar lands and volatile environments.

The Mining industry also faces harsh times with increasing regulatory pressures from governments, new geopolitical forces, rising attention from customers and other stakeholders and a sustained commodity demand driven by emerging markets.

From onshore to deep-water oil, from shallow-water to onshore gas, our industry-specific solutions aim to help oil & gas operators make sound decisions for:

  • Exploration
  • Site planning
  • Assets management & safeguarding
  • Intelligence, strategic planning, industry insights
  • Pro-active sustainability management, environmental & safety issues
  • Incident and crisis management & response
  • Compliance with regulatory & reporting requirements

Ready-to-use products and specific solutions covering the full project lifecycle

Airbus Defence and Space provides imagery collection and timely processing, interpretation, analysis and management & hosting of geospatial data for energy and mining companies.

From regional geological studies and natural oil seep mapping to environmental baseline analysis and terrain evaluation for pipeline and facilities planning, our solutions cover both onshore and offshore exploration and can be delivered direct to you, whether you are in the field or in the office:

  • At the most convenient pace for you (daily, weekly, monthly, or customised)
  • Whatever the weather condition: polar night, clouds, ice
  • Along the energy value chain
  • Scalable for the entire process workflow, from exploration and production, engineering and construction, to transportation, refining, processing, distribution and site divestiture