Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance

Reliable Services Supporting Maritime Safety

Airbus Defence and Space supports shipping and insurance companies, OGM firms, National Authorities private security forces and environmental protection agencies with timely and accurate information to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime activities around the globe.

Global Challenges to Maritime Security

Maritime security is of utmost importance today with more than 90% of the world’s trade goods and more than 70% of global crude oil transported by sea. As shipping traffic grows, the pressure on the security of the world’s oceans is increasing: not only is there more likelihood of accidents and associated environmental damage, shipping traffic is also increasingly the target of piracy, organised crime and terrorism. Moreover, illegal maritime activities such as illegal fishing, drug trafficking, weapon movement/proliferation and illegal immigration are constantly on the rise.The radar data can also be used in coastal monitoring and vessel identification. This program can be implemented in a monitoring mode for scrutinizing threats and locating the ships on the high seas.

Maritime activities are also expanding into the Arctic regions with growing traffic in the ice-infested waters of the Northeast and Northwest Passage, and oil and gas platforms set up to exploit the huge reservoirs of resources in the Arctic. These activities rely on detailed and timely ice information to support safe and effective operations.

All these activities increase the pressure on the marine environment and the demand for reactive imagery, early-warning capabilities and reliable monitoring services to:

  • Better know activity on an area (EZZ & more)
  • Detect patterns of illegal behaviours at sea: ollegal fishing, narco-traffic, immigration, maritime pollution, piracy)
  • Trap catching in act traffickers
  • Support Defence missions: intelligence, operations at sea

Dependable Monitoring of the World’s Oceans:

Based on a constellation combining radar and optical satellites, Airbus Defence and Space provides the most comprehensive/efficient answer for maritime monitoring services by building the meaningful solution for wide coverage, fine detail, intensive monitoring, reliable and successful new collections, premium reactivity and interpretation response.

Unique on the industry, this reactive observation capacity, allow Airbus Defence and Space to activate and combine the appropriate satellites when needed to:

Detect more ships

  • Radar can see whatever the weather conditions are
  • Optical Sensors can detect smaller, wooden and fiber boats
  • Large spectrum of available resolutions allow to refine any analysis from detection to classification and identification

On a wider theater

  • Huge daily collection thanks to SPOT6/7 (100.000 in a single pass) and TerraSAR-X (400.000 in a single acquisition)wider acquisition modes.
  • Multisensor tasking strategy to make the best use of available collection capacity (Dedicating individual sensors to a sub part of the area to widen the monitored area).

More Frequently

  • Enable a situation understanding several times a day by leveraging all sensors to afford daily and even intra-daily revisit.
  • Different satellite pass along the day (radar satellites passing at 6AM or 6PM, optical ones in the frame of 10 -11 PM).