KazEOSat-1 – Superior Image Quality, Tackling Challenging Acquisitions

The Earth observation satellite KazEOSat-1 recently expanded Airbus Defence and Space’s broad constellation services.

KazEOSat-1, launched in April 2014, is a very high-resolution (1 metre) satellite that provides high quality mono and stereo monitoring over challenging Areas of Interest for applications in the fields of monitoring natural and agricultural resources, mapping, as well as defence and security applications.

KazEOSat-1 was manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space, and is operated by Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS).



  1. Accurate and reliable: first-rate geometric and radiometric qualities
  2. Optimised and accessible tasking resource: commercial requests will be considered with high priority
  3. Agile and effective: Multi-strip acquisitions and stereo capacity


  1. Ideal for topographic mapping up to 1:15,000 scale and difficult areas
  2. Rapid collection and delivery of acquisitions of complex targets for the oil, gas and mining sector as well as defence applications
  3. Cost-effective solution for new collections in both mono and stereo

Technical Characteristics:

  1. Orbit: sun-synchronous, 630-km altitude
  2. Spectral bands: Panchromatic (PAN) – 1 band, Multispectral (MS) – 4 bands: Blue, Green, Red and Near-Infrared
  3. Spatial resolution: PAN: 1m, MS: 4m
  4. Swath: 20km
  5. Revisit time: 2-3 days according to latitude
  6. Acquisition capacity: 220,000km² per day