Land Records Information System

Micronet Solutions has been very closely associated with various land records information system projects. We have been awarded one of the largest "Digitization & Geo-Referencing of Cadastral / Parcel mapping project" having a volume of approx. 20,500 villages of Jharkhand State.

The cadastral map for each village is available on varying scale but mostly in 16 inch = 1 mile or 1: 3960. These maps depict the survey boundaries with survey numbers, cultural features like transport network and natural features like drainage, etc. These cadastral maps have been prepared using plane table surveying and chain surveying. These maps have to be brought under standard projection/coordinate system for effective linkage of the plans generated in the G1S environment.

The scope of work includes the Scanning, Digitisation, creation of true replica of original village cadastral sheets, Georeferencing and Mosaicing of sheets on villages,Anchal/Block, District and State basis. The village maps are in the scale of 16”=1 Mile (1:4000) on paper in one or more parts (sheets) to be scanned and digitized. The digitized maps are again to be geo-referenced with satellite data of CartoSat – 2 having resolution of 1M and then edge matched and mosaiced.

The LRIS programme would modernize management of land records, minimize scope of land/property disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system and facilitate moving eventually towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country. The major components of the programme are computerization of all land records including mutations, digitization of maps and integration of textual and spatial data, survey/resurvey and updation of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records wherever necessary, computerization of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system, development of core Geospatial Information System (GIS) and capacity building.