Go Monitor : Satellite Based Monitoring

Go Monitor : Satellite Based Monitoring

Data for Surface Movement Monitoring

Whether caused by man-made activities or natural events, surface movement can be very sudden and have far-reaching effects, and may endanger infrastructure and human lives.

Our TerraSAR-X datasets allow you to reliably document surface displacements even in the millimetric range. This information is crucial for organisations and authorities ensuring the performance of underground operations.

Maritime Focus - Vessel Report Services

Oceans are wide and remote; they are a natural field for satellite observation. Maritime traffic and activities are increasing with world globalization, sustaining a need for monitoring and controlling these activities.

A unique radar & optical satellite constellation allows Airbus Defence and Space to provide ship information reports over areas you define, as a one shot or on a regular basis, for background intelligence, or to support planned or unplanned operations at sea. The basic level of information provided is a mere ship detection report; it can be enriched optionally with ship classification and identification.