GIS ( Geographic Information Services )

Geographic Information Services

Micronet Solutions main strength is its ability to provide the entire life cycle of a ‘Geographical Information System’, starting from analysis of requirements, system design, data conversion, through development of a GIS and assisting the customers in assimilating the system. Micronet Solutions develops turnkey projects on all the major GIS platforms including: Autodesk, ESR1, Bentley & Maplnfo.

Micronet’s digitization and data conversion projects are subject to very high levels of ‘Quality Controls’. The first level of QC starts from Inventory of Maps . The second QC is immediately after digitization or geo-processing tasks to ensure all the project specifications are adhered too. Third level of QC is performed at the GIS processing where datasets are validated as per the clients requirements. Fourth level of QC is performed on random sampling method on overall datasets including naming conventions & folder storage structures to ensure no error’s are left during the entire life cycle of geo-processing of datasets. The last level of QC entails final printing of maps to check the accuracy of the converted / generated geo-spatial datasets as per the specifications of the client.