Digital Photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetry

Airbus Defence and Space has a unique proposition to Geo-Spatial industry for generating a ‘True Ortho’ using its Tri-Stereo satellite data products. With the tri-stereo data acquisition capabilities of Pleiades (1A / 1B) 50 cm resolution , a set of three satellite images are delivered to the customer with two oblique views maintaining B/H ratio of 0.4 -0.7 and one NADIR ( 0-50 ) image.

The Pleiades Stereo / Tri-Stereo data can be used to generate Digital Elevation Models ( DEM’s ) / Digital Terrain Models ( DTM’s) using the Rational Polynomial Coefficients RPC’s and DGPS points to achieve vertical accuracy upto 1 meters to 2 meters. This satellite stereo pairs can be used to generate Topographical maps upto 1:4000 / 1: 2000 SCALE maps of India.

Micronet Solutions has worked on DEM generation & Editing for Orissa Space Application Centre using the CARTOSAT stereo datasets. In addition, we have generated DEM under corridor mode for DigitalGlobe , Worldview II satellite image for some of our govt. client.

Micronet Solutions provides soft digital photogrammetry services to our customers.

  • Atmospheric Corrections ( ATCOR )
  • Acquisition of satellite data .
  • Field collection of GCP using DGPS .
  • Remote Collection of GEO-GCP using TerraSAR , TANDEM satellites.
  • Generation of DEM / DTM
  • Ortho-Rectification
  • Generation of 3-D visual Maps.