Agriculture & Irrigation


The information on crop area statistics is backbone of Agricultural statistical system. Reliable and timely information on crop area is of great importance to planners and policy makers for efficient and timely agricultural development and making important decisions with respect to procurement, storage, public distribution, export, import and other related issues. India possesses an excellent administrative setup, which has long standing tradition of generating quality information. Most parts of the country are having detailed cadastral survey maps, frequently updated land records and institutions like permanent village reporting agency for providing reliable and continuous data on crop area. However with more emphasis on local area planning, there is further need for crop area with respect to different varieties grown in the area, irrigation availability, the soil type etc. which can go a long way in rapid development of the region.

Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE) project is most successful Remote Sensing Applications Mission (RSAM) initiated in 1986 as a joint venture between Department of Space (DOS) and Ministry of Agriculture & Textile. The mission has reached its maturity and is operational in all the states of India covering dominant crops of the regionWith theintroduction of National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) in several States aneed is felt for assessment of yields of insured crops at the lower level such astehsil or C.D. Block and even at the panchayat level.

Agriculture is from the most ancient ages at the heart of humanity…but it has become today an economically, socially and environmentally sensitive sector. Intensity between food, fuel, feed, steadily rising demand fundamentals, food prices volatility, food security and accessibility issues, increasing food production and productivity without damaging biodiversity, the rising of large agro-holding and agricultural land chasing (farm real estate investment), climate change and water scarcity are a few of the many components of the changing faces of Agriculture.